Famished 1


Stove top, microwaved; organic, free range, genetically-modified; omnivore, vegan; trans-fat, low-fat, low-cal, no carb, gluten-free; breast fed, bottle fed; savory, sweet, healthy, forbidden; pierogi, pizza, salad, curry; Thanksgiving, Hannukah; breakfast, lunch, dinner…. Whether it’s satisfied by a home cooked meal, soup tipped from the can, a Happy Meal, or a burrito grabbed from a cart, our hunger is inescapable, inevitable, and essential. Food is who we are.

Equal parts drama, documentary, social experiment, and installation, Eugenia Woods’ new play Famished reveals a view of the relationships we develop with and around food and the often convoluted ways we seek to satisfy our essential hunger. Derived from dozens of interviews and performance-based interaction with Portland audiences, FAMISHED reveals the rules, rituals, traditions and sheer pleasures of nourishing ourselves and others.