Left Hand

The Left Hand of Darkness

Directed and Adapted for the stage by Jonathan Walters
Text Adapted by John Schmor

Sometimes, we have to leave our own time and place to understand ourselves. Portland Playhouse and Hand2Mouth Theatre team up to stage a new adaptation of The Left Hand of Darkness, Ursula K. LeGuin’s 1969 gender-bending tale of love, jealousy, power and betrayal. Join envoy Genly Ai on a trek across the cold, isolated planet of Gethen—a place where human beings are neither female nor male and society is not defined by sexual difference.

This immersive theatre production’s technical wonders are taking on a life of their own! Marty Hughley of The Oregonian commends the designers for creating “an invitingly otherworldly atmosphere… [including] Jana Losey Crenshaw’s gorgeous electronic score;” Alison Hallett of Portland Mercury calls the show big, ambitious, all-chips-in;” and Dennis Sparks calls Peter Ksander’s set design “ingenious.” Come see this avant-garde, multi-disciplinary novel adaptation for yourself…

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