"The cast masterfully harnesses Wilson’s fiery poetry, seamlessly moving from playful banter to gritty, rapturous disquisitions on present-day injustices and the profound weight of history."
" marshals the talents of a powerhouse cast -- top to bottom, one of the strongest you’ll likely see on a Portland stage this season -- to moving, often gripping effect."
"Mighty, searing performances burn straight through to the soul."
"Like a good book... so get cracking."
"Focused, sharp, powerful...These plays might start out with a breath, but they're good enough to take yours away."
"Expressive clarity and commitment keep us hooked."
"Playful and poetic... vivid... deft, deeply sympathetic direction and a host of rich performances."
"Vibrant... profound... striking... practically glows in the lights of the old church."
"The cast is among the finest I've seen on stage this season."
"‎Even if you don’t plan to see another play this season, even if you are jaded about the subject matter, even if you’d rather indulge your cozy Christmas spirit than be given shivers—Angels in America is a non-negotiable must-see."
"...a drama that plays bigger than you might expect, infusing its intimate setting with the historical sweep of an epic."
"This season’s August Wilson is the best yet."
"Telethon is an outstanding piece of ensemble theater..."