2014 Sponsors


$25,000 +

Jeff and Esther Clark, Harold Goldstein and Carol Streeter, Ronni Lacroute

$10,000 – $24,999

Steve and Elsie Weaver

$2,500 – $9,999

Ellyn Bye, Elizabeth Carr and Kip Acheson, Erin Hanawalt, Marge and Stephen Kafoury, Richard and Wendy Rahm

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (1), Ronald and Naomi Dagen Bloom, Linda and Karl Boekelheide, Ann Brayfield and Joe Emerson, Jess Dishman, Lori and Scott Eberly, Paul Hart and Jan Jacobsen, Katherine Immerman and Anthony Melaragno, Erin Graham and B Andrew Jones, Wendie L. Kellington Attorney At Law P.C., Susan Knight and Glenn Lamb, Steven C Neighorn, Mary and Ernie Swartz, Winston and Bonnie Weaver, Greg and Valerie Weaver, Neville Wellman and Romani Lay

$500 – $999

Kay and Roy Abramowitz, Linda Andrews, Patsy Berner, Edward and Polley Bowen, Alice Boyd, Beth Caruso and Patrick Clancy, Juan Chacin, Sharon M. Fekety, Luke and Vicki Groser, Diane Herrmann, Laurie Holland, Walter Jaffe and Paul King, Marge and Stephen Kafoury, Ramona Kearns, Jeff Kilmer, Nicholas and Stavroula Konidaris, Kevin Kruse, Ted Labbe and Kelly Rodgers, Ursula and Charles Le Guin, Lawrence Levy and Pamela Lindholm-Levy, Mikki Lipsey, Tom and Nancy Lisicki, Leonard and Susan Magazine, Mary Meyer, Sandy Polishuk, Bonnie and Pete Reagan, Marjorie Reeves, Melissa Rockefeller and Minh Pham, Shirley D. Rogers Charitable Gift Fund, Charlotte Rubin, Carol and Stephen Scalpone, Jane Schiffhauer, Scott Sexton, Bing and Carolyn Sheldon, Ann Sitomer, Andrew and Donna Wardenaar, Michael and Jill Weier, Bill and Merri Souther Wyatt, David Young, Sandra Zickefoose & Michael Cowan



  • Daryl L. and Patricia L. Swenson Fund (OCF)
  • Madison-Waldo Arts Fund (OCF)
  • Sharon M. Fekety Fund (OCF)
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Wrather Family Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

  • Herbert A. Templeton Foundation
  • Bloomfield Family Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999

  • Marian and Elihu Schott Family Fund (OCF)
  • Wendie L. Kellington Attorney at Law
  • Black United Fund of Oregon