SOLO: An Apprentice Story

Featuring the Portland Playhouse Season 11 Apprentice Company

June 10 & 11
7:30 pm

Reserved Seating: $15
Pay-what-you-will at the door


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away 8 apprentices spent months toiling away and crafting their solo shows. They laughed, they cried, they cried some more and now they’re ready to share their art with you.

Before they move on, join us in honoring the culmination of their work. We hope to see you there.

Paul Harestad

Title: Friend for Hire

Synopsis: A young boy’s negligence unintentionally leads to his friend’s termination at work.

Audience takeaway: The reality of imagination is strong. And innocence is too be treasured, not despised.

Why see solo-shows: A celebration of devised story, the origins of all great work.

Delphon Curtis

Title: What Could Be

Synopsis: This is an acceptance of what is the present with a consideration of the resilience that is built up from embracing what is unknown.

Audience Takeaway: Hopefully, the audience takes away that we’ve all gotten from a point a to a point b respectively with the potential to thrive as we drive our way through this journey of life.

Why see solo shows: Anyone should attend solo shows hopefully because they want to. There are so many intriguing, thought-provoking pieces that are taking place all over the Portland area, and every apprentice is continuously pouring their heart out into their personal piece as the performance draws near.  It is truly a gift to be an artist who has gotten the opportunity to blossom here and even more of a gift to share a peek into our artistic spectrum as a company. There’s something for everyone.

Melanie Owen

Title: Monster

Synopsis: A puppet, a monster, and a ticking timer. A woman wakes up one morning and discovers that her house has been taken over by an unseen force.

Audience Takeaway: Do monsters hide in our houses or our heads? Monster is a story for anyone who is human.

Why see solo shows: We have standup comedy, oil paintings, puppetry, dance, music, impersonations, and everything in between. Come prepared to laugh your butt off, cry cathartic tears, and give your imagination muscles a workout.

Alex Meyer

Title:  Perspective

Synopsis: My work is about intersections. Creating allows me to discover how individuals interact with familiar and universal material.

Audience Takeaway: I hope that viewers are able to discover how they fit within the framework of my art, and any art for that matter.

Why come see solo shows: Come to the Apprentice Solo Shows to support work on an individual level!

Abigail St. John

Title: Young, Dumb and Broke

Synopsis: In a world where people like to laugh, one apprentice wants to make you laugh. Disclaimer- You might fall in love with me.

Audience Takeaway: I hope the audience takes away a little joy and light. And my headshot and resume. Hire me!

Why see solo shows: We have been working our butts off! I have seen my friends grow and bust out of their comfort zones. I am so proud of them and you should be too!

Netty McKenzie

Title: Standing on the Shoulders of…

Synopsis: How can one truly step into their power without first knowing where that power comes from. This leading lady will take you on a journey of legacy and struggle and some very special guests will help her along the way.

Audience Takeaway: I hope the you all leave my show thinking about what legacy you were left with and what legacy you will leave.

Why see solo shows: You should see our solo shows because we have worked really hard and someone should see how fly we are!

Rachel Millena

Title: Confessions of a Former Preteen Game Show Champion

Synopsis: When you hear from a stage manager during a performance, something very terrible must be happening. We’ll see what’s true in this piece.

Audience Takeaway: Something! Anything! I’m doing this for me (and possibly pretending you’re not there).

Why come see solo shows: 100% of people surveyed say that Solo: An Apprentice Story is better than all the Star Wars movies combined.*

*sample size was 1. It was me. I said this. I am not biased at all.

Alanna Fagan

Title: Bear Trap

Synopsis: Solitary camper learns that simply setting a net does not mean you’ll catch anything. 

Audience Takeaway: That to be good at catching things, you…need to be good at catching things (mentor needed, please help).
Why come see solo shows: Because the Hateful Eight are ready to rumble. 
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