The Playhouse Pledge

Together we can...!

15 years ago Portland Playhouse made a pledge to our North Portland community. A Pledge to live more boldly and bravely, with a collective intention to make really great theatre.

By doing so we knew we could awaken wonder in all our hearts, and work to allow the arts to change the lives in our community. 

Will you make the Playhouse Pledge today by giving $15 a month, or any amount you can afford, to help us to continue to celebrate life's complexities on, and off, stage? 

Make the Playhouse Pledge today and together we can:

  • Challenge audiences with ambitious productions
  • Invite everyone to the theatre with an inclusive, accessible pricing model
  • Build authentic partnerships with artists, educators, & community groups
  • Practice antiracism and community care in everything we do

With reliable, predictable income we are able to plan for the future, allowing us to awaken the world to the wonder of theatre, time and time again.

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