Artist, healer, mover, and shaker.  Thank you for going on this journey with us. Thank you, Emma and Tea, for bringing this story to life. In Portland, Nikki has worked at CoHo, Portland Center Stage, Corrib Theatre, and Shaking the Tree Theatre. Favorite local shows include: Wakey Wakey, TelethonAngels in America: Part 1You For Me For You, and Weaving Women Together at Portland Playhouse, A Doll's House and Head, Hands,Feet at Shaking the Tree. BFA: The Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts. MFA: The Shakespeare Theatre. To all the survivors of war who dare to share their stories, this play is for you. This spring, you can find Nikki directing, creating, and performing stories in Zimbabwe.

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Instagram: @nikkiweaver 

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