Hear ye, hear ye!

Calling all youth players.  Do you like GHOST STORIES?  Do you like pretending to STUFF your FACE at a big holiday feast and then start a food fight with your siblings?  Can you carry a TUNE in a BUCKET?

Portland Playhouse announces auditions for A CHRISTMAS CAROL.  All youth roles are open to volunteers interested in this fun theatre learning experience.  No prior acting/theatre experience necessary to audition.  We have room for 10-12 kids, age 5-16, and all roles are double cast to provide flexibility in scheduling.  Accommodations available.  Everyone interested is encouraged to give it a try.   This is a volunteer opportunity, there is no pay or cost to participate. 
WHEN:  September 17th and 18th 4pm-6pm   (Let us know a one hour time that is best for you, along with a second choice hour if the first is not available) 
WHERE:  Portland Playhouse – community studio space.  602 NE Prescott St.  (small black building beside the church) 
WHAT TO PREPARE:  Come prepared to have fun, play some games, learn a simple song, run around and speak in LOUD voices.  If you play an instrument, bring it!  If you know a short classic Christmas Carol (Silent Night, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman….  not Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer) you can sing if for us.  If you know a SHORT monologue, you can perform it for us.  If you can tell a short funny story, that’s cool too.  If you haven’t ever auditioned before and can’t do any of those things, BUT still want to give it a shot and you like to play games and play act and tell GHOST STORIES, then you are still WELCOME to audition.  Most of the things we will do, we will do in groups and learn all together as we go.  
HOW:  Send an email to us below and let us know what first choice and second choice HOUR works for you during the audition times.  And also please list all known conflicts you have between the dates of Nov. 11th to Dec. 29th.  Things like:  Swimming lessons every Tuesday Night.  A dance recital on Nov. 18th.  A trip to North Dakota ice-fishing Dec. 5-15.  Conflicts do not preclude you from joining, but it’s important to know them all up front.  The rehearsal schedule varies, but is often 4pm-6pm or 6pm – 8pm on weekdays, several hours on Saturday and Sunday, and then longer hours during technical rehearsals (Nov. 22-27).  Thanksgiving and Christmas Day’s are both free, BUT we have shows on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, and almost every other day!  Plan on 4 to 5 performances/week from Nov. 29 – Dec. 29.  
WHAT:  Our cast of professional actors, apprentice company ensemble members, and youth volunteers all perform multiple roles, sing songs, play instruments (tambourines, shakers, ukuleles, trumpets….), do period dances, and are generally engaged in multiple ways all throughout the show.  
Merry Christmas to you all, and GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE. 
September 17th and 18th 4pm-6pm   (Let us know a one hour time that is best for you, along with a second choice hour if the first is not available) 

602 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97211

Equity actors will be required to show your Equity card at the audition.

Portland Playhouse is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any applicants or employees on the basis of gender, race, sexuality, religion, or political belief.

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