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In this time of isolation, artists are still creating and connecting through their craft.  We're gathering performances, services, and products produced by Portland area artists (and a few from further afield) for you to enjoy, engage with, and support.

If you are a Portland artist who would like to be featured on this page, please email

Please also check out the PDX Theatre Artists Catalog for more goods, crafts and services from Portland area theatre artists.

Just for the Holidays

Hot Toddy cocktail kit to benefit Portland Playhouse

Our friends at Shine Distillery & Grill offer a menu full of fun, affordable pub-style fare inspired by the spirits produced in-house. Their signature cocktail ingredients embrace a distinctly support local philosophy.

This holiday season, Shine is offering a Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit in support of Portland Playhouse! The kit includes the makings of 16 signature cocktails:

  • 750mL Bottle of Shine Bourbon Whiskey (Local gay-owned business)
  • 8oz. Honeybee Fireside Cinnamon Cardamom Syrup (Local black-owned business)
  • Garnishes to include dehydrated lemon, house made honeycomb, star anise
  • Recipe card

Each kit costs $70 with $10 going to Portland Playhouse. Check out their other kits, spirits and menu and place your orders at 

Brown Santa PDX

 I am an actor who has played Santa for parties & kiddo gatherings for many years. This year, since in-person parties are on hold, let’s go remote! Santa can bring a video visit to your kiddos, your family, or loved ones in a socially-distanced and fun way! A Visit From Santa: a greeting from Santa’s home with updates on Reindeer Aviation drills, Elf Production meetings, and general news from Santa’s Workshop. $10 A Special Visit from Santa: news from Santa’s Workshop plus personal greetings to your family with words of encouragement & fun. $25 An Extra Special Visit from Santa: everything in the Special Visit plus a bonus: Santa reading “Twas the Night Before Xmas.” $40 This Santa-of-color delights in all families: queer-positive, poly-positive, and happy to visit kiddos & grown-up kids-at-heart. If you are requesting a Special Visit, please include: *Name(s) of Family members/loved ones & your relationship to them (as you define it) *Something “very good” they did this year *Something “not so good” (preferably funny) they did this year *Something special accomplished *Something they for which they need encouragement I look forward to our visit. Let’s create some fun in this weirdest of holiday seasons! Ho Ho Ho!

Contact Jennifer Lanier at:



Athena's Armoury & Apothecary

Raw, organic, industrial artifact jewelry designs inspired by Warrior Women throughout history. Herbal concoctions drawn from wise women past. Jewelry & herbs to protect and empower you.

All of the chain maille in my shop starts out as wire which I then coil around a mandrel, cut to make jump rings, and then weave using historical methods into the chain maille patterns and designs you find in my shop. A simple bracelet can have hundreds of rings in it and can easily take an hour or more to weave whereas a piece of armour will have thousands of rings and can take a couple of weeks to weave.

I am committed to providing tools for fiercely independent, strong women to protect themselves and their loved ones inside and out with armor and herbs.


A unique organic skincare line designed to moisturize, heal and restore dry, damaged and irritated skin while addressing mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia, Helen Rose Skincare, Co. also gives part of its profits to Om Thrive – Yoga for Survival. Om Thrive’s mission is to provide healing yoga practice to survivors of domestic violence.

Learn more about Day Bibb, the founder of both Helen Rose Skincare, Co. and Om Thrive and purchase emotionally uplifting products to help calm feelings of anxiety, support restful sleep, and promote feelings of well being here:

Handmade Jewelry by Matthew Tomas (Kerrigan)

Neutral – Minimal – Timeless

A pandemic is in the air and revolution is being called for in the streets. I know jewelry is not at the top of everyone's list of things to buy. And that's okay! But this is what I’m good at. This is part of my answer to help bring about change. This is how I’ve been able to keep the channel of creativity open. This is where I start. Small waves, big change. 

$1 of every sale goes to Black Lives Matter. Like, forever. As long as people are buying, Speak Oracle will be donating.

by current Apprentice Ellie Conniff

Ellie does embroidery and produces patches to match your mood. Pick one of her designs ($5) or design your own ($7).  All proceeds from Black Lives Matter or Pride patches go to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

Visit her Esty shop

and follow her on Instagram @pinkmoon_ellie
Bath Bombs and Essential Oil Rollers

Made with DoTerra essential oils, organic coconut oil, and biodegradable glitter. All made with a whole lot of love and laughter by Nikki, Margot, and Elliette in our home kitchen.

BLISS (grapefruit and Siberian fir) perfect for honoring the body, creating perspective, and aging peacefully.
NURTURE (frankincense, spruce, lime, and peppermint) perfect for creating a zesty, truthful and buoyant heart in times of change.
BLOOM ( Douglas fir, patchouli, and lime) perfect for finding physical ease, creating space for generational wisdom and fire for life.
BREATH (cypress and lemon) perfect for creating a joyous focus and flow in your daily life.

5 unicorns/clouds for $35, 10 unicorns/clouds for $65, Roller bottles $10 each, Plus shipping.
To place an order email Nikki:


Foss + Fern Plant Stylist

Foss Curtis, plant stylist, can help you find the right plant for the right spot and help provide care and support for the plants you already have.

By Isaka Shamsud-Din
Isaka Shamsud-Din is a Portland artist, educator, and activist who has been capturing the lives, histories, and cultures of African American and African diaspora peoples in his paintings, drawings, murals, teachings, and community projects for most of his 77 years.
We have been honored to display some of his work in the Playhouse lobby. You can bring some of his work into your home by purchasing his 2020 Juneteenth calendar.:
You can directly support his work by becoming a patron:
Learn more about him:


By Katie Watkins

100% cotton, washable masks available in fun fabrics (or your own!).  Plus, bags and bibs.

Order or contact Katie through her Etsy shop


Matthew has been writing music for almost 20 years. You may have seen his musical ‘Sides’ at Portland Playhouse during the 2019 Fertile Ground Festival. In addition to writing for musical theatre, he writes and performs his own personal singer/songwriter work, his most recent album being “Young Man’s Soul”.

All 3 of his demo albums including Young Man's Soul are available for purchase here:

Viking Maiden Designs

Signe Larson is a Portland actor who on the side does all kinds of Fibre arts. Her etsy shop is where you can find fashion face masks, knitted items, jewelry and all kinds of other crafts!

By Chris Murray

Actor Chris Murray has been creating long lasting, original scented candles for two decades. You can now bring his crisp (Ginger and Lemongrass, Lavender, Instant Sauna, Oregon Wildflower, Frozen Pine,  and sexy (Camp Crystal Lake, French Vanilla & Oak, Barbershop, Tobacconist, Dark Crystal) scents into your home or workspace.

Each candle is handmade in Portland with natural, skin safe, 100% carbon neutral soy wax, scented with the highest quality oils, and wicked with unbleached, hand braided cotton. Available for delivery within the Portland area.

Chris is currently working on a website, but in the meantime, please send an email to he'll send you all the information you need to order.

Alex Meyer, Season 11 Portland Playhouse Apprentice Company Member

Outside of his work in the theatre, Alex has a passion for painting and printmaking, and is an active artist.



By Jake Simonds, Former Portland Playhouse Apprentice Company Member

This one-hour long Las Vegas- style Cabaret performance is entirely produced and performed by a guy who spent the last 8 months on a deserted island.

Pay-What-You-Will through Venmo @Jake-Simonds

By Ashley Nicole Baptiste (Williams)

While sheltering in place in her home in Jersey City, NJ, Ashley and director Michael Morgan Gyekye are making short films to bridge the creative gap.  Watch Corona Wormhole Pandemic Thingy Part 1 and Part 2, check out her acting reel, then help Ashley bridge the financial gap by supporting her on Venmo @ashleywilliams-baptiste 

By PDX Blvck Film Collective

Andrea Vernae, Charles Grant, and La'Tevin Alexander all worked on Time Sensitive, starring Tamera Lyn. This short film by PDX Blvck Film Collective follows Briar, a young woman struggling with depression and loneliness. One night, she considers her options of succumbing to, resisting, and conquering her feelings.

By Donna Hayes

Nine people who have been killed and silenced by Portland Police come back to life in this tender, angry, sometimes-hilarious play.

Silent Voices was filmed at Portland Playhouse.

With Corey Maier, former Portland Playhouse Apprentice Company Member

Corey is a clown, writer, and actor. She is currently sheltering-in-place in San Francisco, after completing the Circus Center's Clown Conservatory program.

Listen to her read her work “The Crow Crone” on Quarantine Radio Hour, an arts podcast for the times we are in. (Starts at 8:25)

Here's a selection of works by Corey  from her time at clown school: The Fortune Teller, Quarantine Stenographer, A pastiche on The Office, Clownopolis – A Silent Film

Support Corey's work with a gift through Venmo: @corey-maier-1
By Matthew Capurro

Matthew's new song cycle “Sides” raised curtain on its workshop performances in January 2019 at Portland Playhouse. Audiences found it charming, relatable, and clever.  With a mix of poignancy and comedy, “Sides” has something for everyone.

Watch the entire musical ‘Sides’ on YouTube:

Find more music from Matthew in our “Shops” section below.

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