Apprentice Company Solo Shows

Featuring the Portland Playhouse Season 12 Apprentice Company

June 8 & 9, 2020


It has been quite a year for our Season 12 Apprentice Company. As their time with us draws to a close, they will present You Don’t Know Me, a collection of solo works.  Due to social distancing requirements, shows will be performed to a closed house.

Check out the snapshots of the performances below and visit the Apprentice Company page to learn more about each artist.

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Written & Performed By Ash Heffernan 

A rebellion, a love letter, a journal entry, and a one-way conversation: Why didn’t I write a solo show? 

Riley’s Radical Radiant Irreverent Radio Show blends facts with feelings, songs with soliloquies, moods with motion, and, of course, the profound with profanities.

Can one solo show really do all that? Tune in and find out. 


I Wanna Be You: A Study in Obsession is an insider’s look into what it means to be nonbinary. I wrote this piece because I wanted to explore gender and gender identity in a new light, and because I feel there is a legitimate lack of theatre about and for the genderqueer community. I wanted to create a safe space for those wondering if being nonbinary is just a cry for attention, or someone feeling lost and grasping for a way to feel different. I have always admired and love celebrities from afar, in ways that border on obsession. I Wanna Be You examines what happens when that obsession is taken to new lengths, and affects the celebrities and surrounding communities. Have you ever wondered about your gender? Do you know someone who has come out as nonbinary and you’re confused? Are you nonbinary? Or do you just love Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet? All of your burning questions can be answered in I Wanna Be You: A Study in Obsession by Delaney Barbour.


The ancient Greeks had 8 different words to describe love. This solo show explores all of them, and a few extras! From poetry to songs to riddles, Taylor invites you to engage with the places you find love in your life, and on your body as she shares her experiences with love, heartbreak, and the person she hopes to become.


The world, families, and our minds are messy things. So why not dance and sing about it? Laughing with Lauren is a solo show by -you guessed it- PPH apprentice Lauren Vander Aarde. She’ll share some of her hot takes/unpopular opinions, sing songs from three of her favorite artists, and hone in on the craziness that comes with big life transitions. She hopes to bring some positivity and thoughtfulness to people’s lives through this performance. Relatable and funny, you won’t want to miss Laughing with Lauren.
Hailing from Vancouver, WA, Lauren is a singer and actor in the greater Portland area. She is so grateful to the playhouse, the apprentices, Nikki, and Corinne for helping her create this fun solo show. Hope you enjoy! Luke 12:22-25


In the midst of the night, a guy was just playing video games when he finds out he’s gonna die in the morning! Now it’s up to an alien bean bag chair with an eye condition to help him in his final moments to find peace in his short but funny life.


In It’s Me, You! we dive into my mind and examine the memories of some of the toughest times of my life. Voice, my inner thought, takes me on a rough journey down memory lane to relive these memories. Already confronting some embarrassing and tough past issues, we both struggle to find balance and a fondness of each other throughout the journey but become close and agree that we both are amazing and that self love and acceptance is so important for growth.

I can’t change my past and I wouldn’t change it because my past is what led me to become the person I am today. Although I can’t change the past, I can change my perspective on how I look at the events of my past; always able to learn something new. This paradigm shift comes from years of reflection, new experiences, and meeting new people. As we grow and learn new things each day, meet new people, our outlook changes either slightly or drastically but nevertheless, it changes in some way. I believe that those changes allow us to look at our past differently throughout our lives, learning something new every time we reflect.

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