The Sounds of Afrolitical Movement

Created by Ramona Lisa Alexander, Oluyinka Akinjiola, Darrell Grant, and Charles Grant.

The Sounds of Afrolitical Playbill

May 24th – June 18th, 2023


BIPOC Performances (Pay what you wish starting at $5)


Wed, May 31st, 7.30pm

Sun, June 4th, 2pm

Fri, June 9th , 7.30pm

Thurs, June 15th, 7.30pm

Sat, June 17th, 7.30pm

Discover the research and rich history that has informed The Sounds of Afrolitical Movement by visiting our Dramaturg website, created by Kamila Bush.


An immersive protest journey through the past, present & future of resistance

The Sounds of Afrolitical Movement is like nothing you have seen before, This groundbreaking, newly devised show takes you on a journey through the many forms of protest and resistance. 

A captivating and immersive exploration, told through the rhythms and movements of the African diaspora, this production works through seven powerful movements – from the ritual of (Wade) in the Water to the celebratory One Second Line at a Time

Led by an ensemble of artists from diverse practices and protests, The Sounds of Afrolitical Movement offers a unique and transformative experience for audiences. Through music, dance, and ritual, you'll encounter the fierce chaos of protest, the cleansing power of baptism, and the meditative stillness of self-reflection.

Each movement is a powerful expression of both the struggle for, and the triumph of, liberation and self-discovery. The ensemble will guide you through the experience, and encourage you to journey through the memories evoked within each movement to find connection to your surrounding community and the ability to embrace your authentic self.

So, whether you choose to sit and observe or fully immerse yourself in the experience, you'll find yourself swept up in the energy and power of this interactive performance that flips theatre as we know it on its head. 

With its vibrant music, stunning choreography, and profound messages of liberation and joy, The Sounds of Afrolitical Movement is a must-see for anyone interested in the transformative power of protest. 

Don't miss this unforgettable experience –  book your tickets now to journey through the past, present, and future of resistance.

DayPerformance ExperienceYour Preparation
WednesdayDive deep into the powerful movements of Offerings Must Be Made, (Wade) in the Water, Ring Shout, and Chaos as you explore the rich traditions of protest and resistance.On this day prepare to be engaged in dialogue, and/or thought-provoking activities that cause us to reflect on ways we can tend to our individual care as well as the collective work needed to advance our communities.
ThursdayMove through the same initial movements before delving into the cleansing power of Baptism & Rebirth.By way of song, we invite you to listen and/or sing together with us the timeless music that inspired us in our times of need.
FridayFind peace as you move through Wednesday’s initial movements, before fully experiencing A Meditation on Stillness.Bring your fuzzy socks, a blanket or a yoga mat as we invite you to share in a collective breath, be at rest, and join in through gentle movement.
SaturdayMove through the first four movements again, before embracing the power of Acceptance of our individual and collective selves.Bring your dancing shoes!
SundayMove through the same initial movements before fully experiencing the joy and celebration of One Second Line at a Time.Keep those dancing shoes on! We invite you to join us as we Second Line through our King neighborhood, which ends with our Congo Circle marketplace in the Playhouse courtyard.


Director & Co-Creator: Ramona Lisa Alexander

Choreographer & Co-Creator: Oluyinka Akinjiola

Composer & Co-Creator: Darrell Grant

Writer & Co-Creator: Charles Grant^

Creative Director & Sound Designer (Vision and Concept): Donald King

Community Ambassador: Kenyahta Sikes

Music Director: Darian Anthony Patrick

Stage Manager: Dana Petersen*

Assistant Stage Manager: Imani Henry+

Costume Designer: Wanda Walden

Costume Assistant: Sara Estrella

Lighting Designer: Carey Robinson

Properties Manager: Ryann St Julien

Projections & Scenic Designer: Kimberly Binns

Projection Designer: Charmaine Minniefield

Projections Team: Cienna Minniefield

Sound Design (Production): KC Hallett

Cultural Competency Consultant: Keela Johnson

Dramaturg: Kamilah Bush

Vocal Coach: LaRhonda Steele

Intimacy Consultant: Amanda Van Der Hyde

Covid Compliance Officer: Cassie Greer

Director of Production: Thyra Hartshorn

Head Carpenter: Molly Gardner

Head Electrician: Allison Blaine

Head Carpenter & Props: Ryann St Julien

Sound & Video Engineer: Saibi Khalsa

Video Programmer: Alan Cline

Design Apprentice: Recobe Scott+



EGUA/Ensemble: Eric Island

MAYA/Ensemble: Damaris Webb*

O'SHOON/Ensemble: Moxxy Rogers

LUAYE/Ensemble: Elijah Sims

TOYA/Ensemble & Dance Captain: Tessa May

OLE GOON aka OG/Ensemble: Marcus Lattimore

Dancer: Oluyinka Akinjiola

Dancer: Michael Galen

Dancer: Bethany Harvey

Dancer: Keinya Kohlbecker

Dancer: Ola Onipede

Dancer: Mariana Thorn



Music Director & Percussion 1: Darian Anthony Patrick

Percussion 2: Caton Lyles

Musician 1 – Bass/Guitar/Trombone: James Powers

Musician 2 – Keyboards: Akila Fields



OG and LUAYE: Recobe Scott+



* Appearing through an Agreement between this theatre Portland Playhouse and Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

+ Current Portland Playhouse Apprentice Company Member

^Former Portland Playhouse Apprentice Company Member

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