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Thank you to everyone who joined the Potluck!

Oh, how full our hearts are after the Portland Playhouse Potluck! The stories, the memories, the generosity of our supporters, artists, staff and board nourished us from the inside out.
For those of you who missed it, don't worry! We saved you a little bit of everything. And for those of you who were there, help your self to seconds!

Help us reach our fundraising goals by sharing your love of Portland Playhouse with your community. 


Grow the love!

Now through May 31, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, comment and tag a friend in any post and you and your friend will be entered to win a pair of plants (complete with care plan) from Foss + Fern, nestled in pots from Reclamation plus two bottles of wine.

Welcome in! Welcome home.

Audience members, artists, community and board members share their first impressions, their lived experiences, and their fond memories of the past 13 seasons of Portland Playhouse.

If you've ever felt welcomed, moved, amazed, supported and/or loved at Portland Playhouse, make a donation today.

Bringing life to education

” How do we transform education in America? This way. This is the real deal,” says teaching artist and former Apprentice Jeff Painter. “And it’s happening right here in Portland, through the Portland Playhouse, and in partnership with many wonderful teachers and school districts in our community.”

If you believe in teaching in a way that further connects a student to themselves and to others, please make a donation to Portland Playhouse today.

Hang on a minute!

Associate Producer Charles Grant attempts to sum up all the ways we created community and connection during a year of lockdown and isolation – in less than 60 seconds. It was no easy task, but if we can create new ways of celebrating the human experience during a pandemic, anything is possible.

If you support finding new ways to connect in difficult and changing times, give to the Playhouse today.

In good (Apprentice) Company

“I think its safe to safe to say that if you've seen theatre in Portland, you've crossed paths with a Playhouse apprentice,” says Education programs director and former Apprentice Corinne Gaucher.

What does the Apprenticeship do for those who complete a year at the Portland Playhouse?

“It really put me in position to meet the people that would later go on to give me the opportunities to what I came here to do which is to act, to tell stories, to impact my culture in a positive way,” says Front of House Manager and former Apprentice La'Tevin Alexander.

If you have witnessed the talent of the actors, designers, productions managers and directors who have been a part of the Apprentice Program, please make a gift today.

If these walls could sing…

Season 13 Apprentice Company members (from left) Max Tapogna, Jazmine Villalino, Voni Kengla, and Ellie Conniff, perform a cover of The Decemberists' “Don't Carry It All” The band is rumored to have recorded an album in the theatre years before it became Portland Playhouse.

One thing we do know for sure is that every donation, whether its $10 or $10,000, means that you believe in a world awakened by the wonder of theatre. And every time you see a show at Portland Playhouse, participate in a class, or hear about a community event happening in our studio, you can say “I made that happen.”

We get it. Times are tough for so many of us. But if you are able to give now, we ask that you give for those who are unable so that we can continue to celebrate the human experience, one connection at a time.

If you believe that connection and community are vital to the human experience, please give today.

Thank you to our financial sponsors!

Special thanks to...

Our in-kind sponsors:

Grocery Outlet St. Johns, Foss + Fern, Aki Ruiz, Mary Swartz, Poplandia, Missionary Chocolates

And everyone who gave their time, energy and talent in support of this event:

Shalanda Sims, Oluyinka A. Akinjiola, Stephen Robinson, Tina Packer, Jeff Painter, Carmen Burbridge, Daniel Riley, Rory Breshears, Chris Balo, Sarah Peterson, Erin DiIorio, Ellie Conniff, Voni Kengla, Kirk Johnson, Jazmine Villalino, Caroline Wilkes, Gabrielle Foulkes, Max Tapogna, Renee' Ward, Andy and Christina Eberly, Keith and Roxann Mascoll, The Wells Family, and the Playhouse staff and Board members

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