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Portland Playphone


September 25 & 26

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Portland Playphone presents: An Education
Returning to in-person classrooms and the benefits and risks that go along with that is a very hot button topic at the moment. Will this shift how we educate our youth going forward or will it be an anecdote the younger generations reminisce about decades from now?
In our next series of Portland Playphone, we invite participants to share a story about an important moment of education in their lives.

Sign up for a story sharing time slot and swap stories with a Portland area theatre artist about:

Your first day at a new school

A learning experience in or out of a classroom that had a significant impact on your life

A teacher that showed you a path that never existed

Or anything else you'd like to talk about.

Sign up for call time and a Portland area theatre artist will call you and one other person to engage in a 45-minute story sharing session aimed at bringing closeness and conversation to those affected by physical separation and emotional isolation. 
Do you have a family member or close friend isolated in an elder care facility?
Do you miss attending events with your best friend? 
Was your trip back home to visit your parents or children canceled because of COVID risks?
Sign up for two of the same time slots and share in this experience together.
Or, sign up for a spot by yourself and we will pair you with another call partner to share what you've learned with each other.


Interested in Getting Involved?

We are always looking for volunteers as well as apprentices, crew members and corporate partnerships.

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