A Portland Playhouse Apprentice Company drive-in production

Friday, April 30, 2021

Location: An undisclosed in location SW Portland


Eve of the Apocalypse is a live, drive-in theatre experience written, designed, directed and performed by members of Portland Playhouse's Season 13 Apprentice Company. In a series of five short theatre pieces, the apprentices share will stories through rock music, movement, scary stories, and art.


Waiting for the Apocalypse 
by Sarah Patterson 
We recognize “apocalypse” to mean an event of catastrophic damage but the word's root means to uncover or reveal. A collage of images and sounds reflect the layered etymology of the word. When the countdown begins, are we waiting for an unveiling or destruction? Credits: The songs “Arrival” and “Opening” by Bjarke Niemann are used in the collage.
The Horror Story of 2020 
by Caroline Wilkes and Voni Kengla 
When grandma has to babysit, the kids insist that they can’t go to bed without a story. The scariest stories are ones that have actually happened. And for us the story of 2020 is the scariest of all.
All Delighted People 
By Carmen Burbridge and Erin DiIorio 
This movement piece, set to “All Delighted People” by Sufjan Stevens, uses touch, motif and symbolism to explore shifts and power dynamics within relationships.
I'll Love you 'til the End of the World 
By Jazmine Villalino and Ellie Conniff 
What’s worse: the end of the world or a broken heart?
Additional Apprentice Performances: 
By Ronald Sigeca and Charmaine Chisamba 
This piece is based on our values and what we stand for having been born in Zimbabwe. We take pride in our songs, they bring out the aspect of life and Unity. The songs we used are from a group called *IYASA* from Zimbabwe.
Featuring Music and Poetry by Max Tapogna


The location of the Apocalypse is TOP SECRET, though our sources can confirm that it will be in the Portland Metro Area.Details of the location will be sent on the day of the show.

This one-night event is offered free of charge but has very limited capacity. Opportunity to book a parking spot or seating pod for this event will open at NOON on Tuesday, April 27th. Each ticket admits one vehicle or up to 5 people to share one seating pod at the event. 

Interested in Getting Involved?

We are always looking for volunteers as well as apprentices, crew members and corporate partnerships.

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